Saturday, May 29, 2010

Learning to live

A very different kind of life. One without the one person you cannot live without, but must.

Dan and I went and bought me an old fashion Huffy bike yesterday. My favorite color, green, mint on this one and no speeds but the one I can supply. I have ridden it each day now and it is exercise. Something I desperately need. And I went in the pool today for the first time, and of course got burnt. Even with lotion..
Going to make a menu tomorrow so that we can begin to eat properly and get in shape, something neither of us are in. And I am a wine drinker. But after this week-end, no more. I want to be in the best shape I have ever been so that I can be around a while to care for my husband and spend the last years of our lives in some sort of comfort. So fingers and toes crossed that the plans I am making work out. It will be work on our part but I think it will also be something to help us through the coming months of grief. We are doing well but I think we can do better. Have a safe and fun Memorial Weekend. Happy Birthday to a sister I never had the chance to know, Connie Lee.
And tomorrow we will be playing Phase 10 in Elliott's honor. It was his favorite game and we want to honor him on Memorial Week-end. I find this a fitting way...I even asked him to help his mama win :)

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  1. Good luck getting into shape. Its such a hard thing to do! If you succeed (which I'm rooting that you do!) please give me some tips! Better yet, give me some will power...